The “Flower Child Look”

You may wonder, what is so special about a headband made of flowers? The flower headband is important because it has inspired an entire look. Not that this look is new. It really originated back in the 60s. It’s funny how everything comes full circle, don’t you think.

With Sigma Nu’s annual Woodstock party happening this weekend, I thought I would write about this look because there would be so many girls running around Old Row sporting this look. Woodstock is a party where a 60s style music festival is the theme of the party. It’s one of the most anticipated Spring events on Auburn’s campus. Although it’s a party that mostly freshman and sophomores attend, I would recommend all Auburn students check it out before they graduate.

The look is often associated with lace tops and ripped jean shorts. It’s all about about the flowy top. A flat sandal also seems to be trending this new fad. All of these outfit components can be anywhere from Wal Mart to Anthropologie.

When girls refer to their look as “hipster,” this is the look they’re referring to. This is one of the biggest Spring trends this year. Because of this trend, high wasted jean shorts are making a huge comeback.

I’m sure everyone has noticed this look on school campuses or out on the town.

Here are a few examples:

ImageHere is your ever popular flower headband.



So what do you guys think about this look? Love it or hate it?


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