Lily and Laura Bracelets

Lily and Laura Bracelets have been trending for almost a year now. I usually think an arm cluttered with too many bracelets is tacky. However, Lily and Laura have changed my mind. I’m likely to be seen with four of these stacked on my wrist. These are great to wear in clusters or one at a time. They come in any color combination imaginable. They seem suitable for any girl from age five to age 40. They’re perfect for that “boho chic” look.

I’ve even see people wearing these with Nike shorts and tshirt. Go figure. 😉

Santa and the Easter Bunny have left these at my house. I’ve seen these everywhere. You can find them here in Auburn at places like Kinnuncan’s, Therapy and Behind the Glass. They’re usually priced at about $15-20.

A good thing about these bracelets is that they slide over almost any size wrist. They are handmade with tiny glass beads. They are custom designed in Nepal and crafted in the Kathmandu Valley.

They make perfect gifts, and having a wide color variety of these could actually be all the arm candy you’ll ever need.



If you’s like to check out the designers’ website, you can find it here: Lily and Laura Bracelets

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