Attack the clothes, not the people wearing them.

It has come to my attention that there has been hate thrown toward girls who wear Nike shorts on Auburn’s campus. I’m not sure why Nike shorts are a big enough issue to rant about, but here are my feelings on the “baggy shirt and nike shorts” look:

I love my Nike shorts because you can pair them with anything to go to class, run errands or go to the gym. They come in a variety of colors, and they usually cost less than $30.

First of all, I’m wearing them right now. No, you can’t see my shorts because of my big t-shirt. Does that make me slutty? If it does, that’s news to me and hundreds of other girls around this campus. The thing about this look is it’s comfortable, and contrary to the opinions of some, others actually think it’s cute.


Doesn’t this look like a ring of happiness?!



Like it or not, this look has become a Southern college custom, especially in the sorority community. I know plenty of people who are rude and classless, but not simply because they wear Nike shorts and big t-shirts.

Getting to break out the “Norts” and Chacos is something I look forward to when Spring rolls around. I could spend hours spilling my thoughts about other not-so- cute outfits that I see from people in my classes, but I see no point in attacking people. I encourage everyone to criticize the clothes you don’t like, not the people who are wearing them. There is no need to have a chip on your shoulder. After all, it isn’t like anyone is forcing you to wear things you don’t like. 

Whether it be southern, northern, athletic, geeky or preppy, everyone is just following the trend that they’re comfortable with and that fits them best. Let’s all give each other a break. 

What are your opinions on the issue?

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