What kind of college student are you?

While sitting in a college lecture hall, many different types of people can be observed in class. It is usually the case that most of your classmates annoy you in one way or another. You have your know-it-alls, the slackers and then there’s the person who thinks their life will be over if they miss one class. 

Buzzfeed always keeps me occupied in painfully boring classes. Today, I cam across this list of different types of college students. I suppose I’m that student one who is on their computer trying not to laugh at the things they’re reading instead of listening to the lecture. It even got the description down pat when they said that this person is usually a junior.

I know I’m one to talk, since I’m always on my computer in class, but there or some people who make you wonder why they even showed up to class. For example, the person in a deep sleep or the person wearing something similar to pajamas. My personal pet peeve are the people who have loud bodily functions or bring smelly food to class. Don’t sit beside me if you plan on breathing obnoxiously loud, cracking your neck/back/knuckles or have a bad cough or case of the hiccups. Harsh? Maybe, but we all have our pet peeves. 

I’ll also steer clear of you if you bring in something that covers the whole classroom in a layer of onion odor. The last requirement for not annoying Anna-Claire in class is this: Do not slurp your coffee.

I’m sure professors will read this list and think of certain people immediately. I imagine professors get more annoyed than anyone.

Take a look at this list from Buzzfeed and decide which one of these applies to you.


18 Types of Students in Every College Class 


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