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I know I always talk about trends and what the coolest thing to be doing is on this blog. Is the “coolest thing to do” always what you’re wearing or where you’re hanging out? I think not. Sometimes going after your goals and dreams are the best trends to follow. Check out these audio stories about people who are doing just that.


This video is about a woman who is working toward becoming a member of the U.S. women’s weight lifting team. Not only that, but she is also the mother to an autistic child and the wife of a state representative. “A Heavy Load” by the New York Times was very inspiring to me. The sounds and visuals were effective in capturing my attention because you expect to see a huge body-building man when you hear all of the weights banging together, but it turns out to be just a small woman. I would almost feel the stress of what this woman goes through every day. She was portrayed as very determined. Her quest is to get to the olympics while managing the balancing act of her day-to-day life. Being a mother of three and a business owner has not stopped her. The story ends with her joking about she and her husband talking about how they will one day say “Remember that time we went to the olympics?” This made the story light hearted and gave hope that she will one day achieve her goal. I plan on using more natural sound after watching this video.


“Rolling On” is the story about a man who hasn’t been able to use his legs since he was four years old. He is now one of the top wheelchair racers in the world. At the beginning, all you see is a spinning wheel. That drew my attention because I wanted to know what it was. This man was portrayed as a hard worker. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself, and he doesn’t take no for an answer. He doesn’t think that there is anything normal people can do that he can’t. The story ends with him talking about how he can do anything he sets his mind to. This reminded me of how I might end a story if I was actually writing it. Ending the story that way gives a similar effect that ending a story with a strong quote does. There were a lot of photos used, and I think that I might like to try that in my next story. I liked the mix of photos and video.


“Wheels Up”  is about a camp for paralyzed veterans to go to to participate in extreme sports. This establishments helps veterans ,who might have once felt embarrassed about being in a wheelchair, feel empowered. The story begins with a guy in a wheelchair preparing to do some kind of crazy stunt. How can you stop watching before that unfolds? These people are resilient. This story shows how the camp is changing lives. People can still feel athletic. They can still be adrenaline junkies. One guy even said that he doesn’t see himself as paralyzed. He sees himself as really short with round legs. The story ends with more people who are wheelchair bound preparing to go gliding off a cliff. This shows that nothing can stop them from having fun. I’m sure they are much braver than many people who have full-functioning legs. This story also showed me that natural sound can make a huge difference in an audio story. I plan to use more natural sound. Even the most simple sound can impact a story so much.


All of these videos are the work of David Frank.

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