It’s Swimsuit Season!

Swimsuit season- anticipated by men and feared by most women. It’s that time of year that many women begin preparing their bodies for the day after Christmas and the time of year that many new year resolutions are motivated by.

For those who are ready to jump into the bikinis and hit the pool or beach, what kind of swimsuits are you going to wear? Since Auburn’s spring break was last week and it’s prime shopping season for swimsuits, I’ve had the opportunity to observe a few trends in swimwear.

The Fringe


My personal fave and a great top for a fun day on the beach. These are adorable in bright colors.

The One Shoulder


This top is one of the newest trends. It’s a great piece, but the only thing to be concerned about is awkward tan lines.

The Flowy


This is the perfect style for the more conservative, yet trendy girl. Very classy.

I’ve seen these styles of tops everywhere from Victoria’s Secret to Target. The best thing about them is they can be matched with any type of swimsuit bottom. These examples are from the VS website.

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