The Blind Wine Taster & The Ladies’ Man

The first audio slideshow, The Blind Wine Taster, is inspiring to me because this woman has lost her eyesight and still enjoys life. The voice of the subject has been synced with the slideshow very well. Each slide is on the screen long enough for the viewer to get the full effect. The only thing I would change about this slideshow is the lack of background noise. It would’ve been nice to have heard the noises in the wineries and restaurants. This story had novelty because you don’y see someone overcoming challenges as big as hers everyday. If you think about what she is actually dong (being an expert on wine when she can’t even see what she’s drinking) it really is amazing. How does this story inspire you?

Produced by: Emily S. Rueb

Photography by: Todd Heisler



The second slideshow, The Ladies’ Man, is about a man who hires himself out to other men to help them meet women. He even takes them to hot shopping spots to scope women out. We can all be inspired by the sheer creativeness of his way of bringing in money. This also brings value from novelty. I wonder what kind of off-the- wall job I could hire myself out to do. what about you guys? i love how the conversations he is having with people is included in the story. The only thing i would change about it is adding a few seconds to each picture.

Produced by: Joshua Brustein

Photography by: Todd Heisler


Both slideshows are from

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