High Fashion and Manhattan Drag Queens

These pictures come from the Spring 2014 collection from one of my personal favorites, Christian Dior. Dior is a brand of French couturier, noted for making popular the narrow waist and long full skirt. These pictures illustrate what is trending all the way in Paris, France (one of the four fashion capitals of the world). Fashion gurus all over the world are able to see what trends they can anticipate for the upcoming season, even if the trend hasn’t hit their country yet. For cases like mine, it’s helpful to see pictures like these so I’ll know what styles to look for with a smaller price tag attached to them. These pictures inspire me because they are the perfect example of a trend; something new and never before seen. What may look initially outrageous, will eventually be the thing everyone wants to wear. Keep an eye out for “copy cat” styles in your local Auburn boutiques this Spring!

These photos are from Nytimes.com, and photo credit goes to NowFashion.com. Photography is by a wide number of different fashion photographers.

Bee Shapiro’s “Versatility On Screen and Off” is a group of pictures are a compilation of the fashion choices of Amy Adams. Amy Adams is a popular actress who stays on red carpet watch. Her style is all about versatility. She always steps out in something new and trendy, but yet, she maintains her signature elegance and polished look. This can be inspiring to readers because it shows how one can still follow new trends without losing your own “look.” Adams wears the latest in high fashion and has a reputation of keeping it classy, no matter what. What qualities would you like to maintain in new fashion trends? Elegance? Edginess? Classiness?

This slideshow belongs to Nytimes.com, and pictures come from a variety of photographers from news and entertainment outlets.

“Divas at a Local Dive” is a compilation of photos from one of Manhattan’s “holes on the wall” bar and grilles.  By day, guests at Don Pedro’s enjoy sports,Mexican food and alcohol. By 11 pm., it transforms into a glamorous experimental drag performance stage. Women from all over Manhattan come to sip margaritas and watch the divas do their thing. These pictures just scream “fun.” Everyone in them looks as if they are having the time of their life. The pictures pull you in and make you feel like you’re sitting close enough to the drag queens to smell their perfume. This slideshow illustrates how Don Pedro’s brings in people from all kinds of circles to create the ultimate social scene where a diverse group of people can enjoy themselves. It functions as a neighborhood clubhouse, music venue and experimental theatre.

This slideshow belong to Nytimes.com

article by: Illise Carter

photography by” Victor J. Blue

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